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16 May 07,, 15:59
One of the most watched videos on youtube. More than 3 million hits.
A must watch for every music lover. If u miss this, you have missed a precious piece of life. BY the way, it was supposed to a serious song about love.

YouTube - Crazy Indian Music Video (http://youtube.com/watch?v=yRmqZRPgK1w&mode=related&search=)

God i love bollywood.

22 May 07,, 22:54
Looks like they borrowed a few moves from Jacko's Thriller video:tongue:

The Black Ghost
23 May 07,, 02:13
I saw this once before, amazingly funny! Reminded me of Austin Powers for some reason

28 Jun 07,, 02:15
I was trying to find a video by the Colonial Cousins that has Aishwarya Rai in in. But check this out instead:

YouTube - Aishwarya rai navel show-for more logon to www.lovetrace.com (http://youtube.com/watch?v=5z3wx2Y3VJ0)

Plus unlike Golimar aka Bollywood Thiller, I doubt anyone will try to convince me that the video with Aishwarya is from Pakistan.