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17 Apr 07,, 19:33
yet again. LOL

More on this subject from the April issue of USNIs Proceedings later.

Air Force, Marine officials meet on critical warfighting issues
US Air Force | Apr 17, 2007

WASHINGTON: Chief of Staff of the Air Force Gen. T. Michael Moseley and Commandant of the Marine Corps Gen. James T. Conway, along with other senior leaders from both services met here April 10 to discuss issues of mutual interest regarding aviation.

Labeled The Warfighter Talks, the forum provided dialogue on critical warfighting issues facing the services. During the day-long event, the participants discussed how the Air Force and the Marine Corps can work more interdependently to better accomplish all missions.

"Every day, we evolve in our ability to accomplish our mission and ensure that our sister services achieve their operational and tactical missions as well," General Moseley said.

"But as we evolve, it is imperative that we continue to discuss our changes and advancements with the Marine Corps to ensure we are still working in step," he said.

"The talks were a frank exchange of perspectives that confirmed our general agreement on many of the important issues confronting our services today," General Conway said.

The intent of the Warfighter Talks was to assess and consider existing practices and recommend, if necessary, changes to enhance joint/combined force effectiveness. Some of the other areas of mutual cooperation discussed included command and control procedures and employment of combat power.

"Our Marines are operating more closely with their Air Force counterparts these days than perhaps any other time in our nation's history," General Conway said. "I share General Moseley's determination to enhance our joint warfighting capabilities and look forward to continuing this relevant and productive dialogue."

"Both Services bring our own unique skills and resources to the table. By working as a joint team and discussing how we can improve our support for each other, we will continue to leverage our capabilities making us an even stronger military force," General Moseley said.