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06 Apr 07,, 10:05
Dear Members,

We've stumbled across a bug in the vBulletin software. vBulletin recently incorporated an infraction system, in which forum members can be given customized infractions by staff for rule violations. Somehow, the vBulletin software is denying access to members who have received temporary 45-point infractions after the infraction expires. Please bear with us, as we try to resolve the issue.

This is a known issue, and has been resolved in the 3.6.5 patch, which we will likely need to upgrade to to fully resolve the issue. If you lack forum privileges as a result of this issue, please PM staff or a fellow member so we can try to resolve it in the interim (PMs should still work).

Regards, Ironduke

15 Apr 07,, 02:11

I am looking for past posts in this forum regarding the Lebenese-Israel conflict that happened just this past summer (2006). Could you point me to the right direction. All I could find was a thread on "French warplane giving permission to fire against the IDF".

thanks in advance

15 Apr 07,, 02:34
2nd and 3rd pages of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict forum.