View Full Version : German manual instructions for Tiger & Panther tank (1943)

30 Mar 07,, 00:40
Hah, found this browsing another forum. Hilarious.

CrazyRussian.com*»*Инструкции для танков (http://www.crazyrussian.com/00/pivot2/entry_136.php?w=weblog_title#body)

30 Mar 07,, 06:17
Yeah, I heard that thing was pretty humorous.

30 Mar 07,, 12:26
The US frequently had cartoons (sometimes coloured) in their Flight Manuals from 1942 until the mid 1950s. They were used to underline serious points in pilotage.

31 Mar 07,, 00:46
The Tiger manual has some interesting charts in the back, giving at a glance the kill radii for front and side armour of the most common enemy tanks, and also showing the danger zones from those tanks' guns.

Fairly reassuring--if you're in the Tiger!