View Full Version : South Asian Section axed?

18 Mar 07,, 18:54
Whatever happened to the South Asian Political forum?

Has it been disbanded?

18 Mar 07,, 19:34
It has been merged into the International Politics forum. Every day I check my inbox, there are ten reported threads from that forum, far too rule violations after repeated requests for members to moderate themselves. The vast majority of the forum's problems were emerging from poor member behavior emanating from that section, and I don't feel that the staff should have to put up with the moderation issues that arise many times a day from there.

Members need to practice self-moderation when engaging in debate on the World Affairs Board. Despite our numerous efforts to encourage many of the members participating in the South Asian Politics forum to practice restraint and civility, we saw members flout staff requests and the forum rules time and again, and there is evidence that there were a large number of members heavily active in that forum who were coordinating privately to troll and discourage other members from participating on the board.

There is already a South Asian Defense Topics forum, and the existence of two large region-specific sections also drowned out the voices of others who wish to participate on the forum, in combination with the shoddy behavior that was being exhibited by many members who participated heavily in the South Asian Politics forum.