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05 Mar 07,, 22:21
Dear WABers,

If anybody with the requisite skills would like to assist with the banner, feel free to submit work here.

I would be grateful if I could find somebody to compress it to about 50kb without any visual quality loss. If somebody can dig up a globe photo centered on an a part of the world (for example, the Middle East) that is high-quality with a good appearance, I can create two or three banners that display alternating displays of the globe and photos on the right hand side.

I can even make banners that are consistent yet are forum specific. For example, a UK-centered, South Asia-centered, Europe-centered, etc., for corresponding areas. The photos at right can be made to display photos compatible to sections such as the Land Forces, Military Aviation, Naval Forces, History, etc.

All else would remain identical with the exception of the positioning of the globe and the photos at right. I'm a bit constrained for time, and again, any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

One note, I would prefer a globe that has metallic hues, and is identical in all aspects except where it is centered.

Regards, Ironduke