View Full Version : How's about we bring back the East Asia forums?

18 Jan 07,, 03:24
Just been thinking that lumping all of the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, East Asia and the Pacific together in the "International" forums is a bit much, maybe we separate out some of them again?

18 Jan 07,, 04:59
There's already multiple redundant forums for every defense and military development, and I believe what we have now is adequate. Really it's a balancing act of gaging the interest of the community, judging if the interest is there, seeing if we can attract discussion.

I believe it's better to have more issue-specific, intensified-focus sections if a conflict/situation is of high enough intensity where the creation of such a forum would be justified.

Australia and New Zealand would fall under the NATO/ABCA forum, as both are full members of the ABCA alliance.

ABCA Armies - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ABCA_Armies)

If we could attract enough interest, I would be keen on creating a forum for China military watchers... but first we must let things settle and not go about making too many changes.

The broad regional grouping format was a failure (with the exception of the South Asian forum, of which 90% concerns the conflict between two nations, so in a way it's kind of issue-specific). Regional forums are not going to be revived. It's been proven better to have sections by "bloc" and conflict, and perhaps nation-specific if the nation is individually a powerful actor on the world stage.