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17 Jan 07,, 05:48
Two Afghan citizens prevented a terrorist attack this morning when a vehicle loaded with explosives attempted to crash through the front gate of Camp Phoenix, a U.S. base here in Kabul. “Without any regard for their personal safety, a local Afghan security officer and an interpreter immediately recognized that this was a terrorist attack,” said 1st Lt. Cathrin Fraker, a spokeswoman for Task Force Phoenix.

“Together, the two prevented the driver from detonating his explosives after they failed to explode during the crash. With the assistance of the U.S. security forces, they dragged the terrorist from the vehicle, where U.S. security force soldiers then detained him,” she explained.

The area was immediately evacuated, and an explosive ordnance disposal team was called to the scene. Afghan security force soldiers, with assistance from the Afghan National Police and U.S. soldiers, immediately cordoned off the area and waited for the EOD team to disarm the bomb.

“If it wasn’t for the quick actions of the local nationals working for the U.S. forces, several lives would have been lost,” Army Col. David B. Enyeart, the deputy task force commander, said. During an attempt to disarm the explosives, the device detonated, but no U.S. or coalition soldiers were injured, Fraker said.

“We are grateful for the bravery and the continued diligence of our Afghan partners and the security force soldiers and who protect this base,” Enyeart said.

Link (http://www.militaryglobal.com/reports/347)

'nudge 'nudge those WAB members who claim that Taliban are Pashtuns/Afghans fighting for freedom! :eek: :cool:

17 Jan 07,, 08:41
'nudge 'nudge those WAB members who claim that Taliban are Pashtuns/Afghans fighting for freedom! :eek: :cool:

Was there more than 1?:confused: ;)

17 Jan 07,, 16:16
Whoever those men were, who dragged the driver out, they had b@lls of steel. Somebody tries to crash a truck full of RDX next to me, my first instinct would be to make like the roadrunner, beep beep!