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30 Oct 04,, 02:13
warning long article!


Heres the main points,

1. Dan Rather’s Forgery Fiasco
2. Ignoring, then Attacking, the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth
3. Pounding the Bush National Guard Story
4. Spinning a Good Economy into Bad News
5. The Networks’ Outrageous Convention Double-Standard
6. Swooning Over Edwards’ Image, Ignoring His Liberalism
7. CBS’s Byron Pitts Promotional Kerry Coverage
8. CBS Promotes Fears of a New Military Draft
9. Misrepresenting the 9/11 Commission on Iraq/al-Qaeda Links
10. Equating New Terrorism Warning to LBJ’s “Gulf of Tonkin”

31 Oct 04,, 01:09
It's sad how far some of the media has gone to get their boy elected. I think he is only their boy because the media knows it will have alot more bad news to report when/if he's elected.

31 Oct 04,, 03:02
The Media Research Centre is far from being an unbiased agency. If you believe them then you are clearly on one side of the great american divide (and if you believe Michael Moore you are clearly on the other side). I wonder how long this polarisation has existed? I wonder if the US can ever be united again? Let us hope you can be at one with each other without having to invade yet another country. (George did have pretty good approval ratings at the start of the US invasion of Iraq).

31 Oct 04,, 03:09
BTW stating that the media wants Kerry to be elected so they will have "alot more bad news to report when/if he's elected" is a comment that defies rational belief. Journalists are not sociopaths (at least no more than the rest of a population). A tornado may rate on local news but very few want it to kill people to get the story higher ratings.

31 Oct 04,, 03:12
Can't make sales without bad news...

31 Oct 04,, 06:59
"If it bleeds, it leads" is a saying I heard somewhere. I hoped it was an exageration.

31 Oct 04,, 12:02
"If it bleeds, it leads" is a saying I heard somewhere. I hoped it was an exageration.

Saddly with the media that saying apply's very well. ask any reporter and they will admit, they look for the story's that involve death, distruction, anguish, sadness and anger because those are the strongest human emotions.

The media consider themselves a sort of artist when it comes to portraying the news.

31 Oct 04,, 22:23
Selective vision, a distortion in itself. Presenting only anti-democrat versions.

How about the Fox news report on the toppling of Saddam's statue?

"Wednesday, April 09, 2003

BAGHDAD, Iraq In a scene of triumph and jubilation televised live throughout the world, Iraqi citizens in the heart of Baghdad -- with help from a large U.S. military vehicle -- toppled a huge statue of Saddam Hussein Wednesday and began dancing on it when it fell to the ground. "

In fact, the US Army psy corps decided to topple the statue right in front of the Palestine Hotel where journalists were staying. The square was sealed off and only journalists with their Iraqi drivers and helpers were allowed to enter. Placing first and American and then an Iraqi flag on the statue for photo ops, the US invited the Iraqi workers to attack the statue. A wide angle photograph from a Reuters photographer shows the scene in a completely different light than that of the close up and narrow angle videos and photographs broadcast in subsequent reports.

01 Nov 04,, 01:46
You missed my point, it dosn't matter which party holds the reigns, the media decends on them like a pack of wolves, remember the "wag the dog" senario with Clinton? He attempted to deal with Al-Q and the media found something negative to drop the ball on.

"Presenting only anti-democrat versions."

If I could find a link on them I would, allthough I admit, being pro republican I don't care to look to hard.

Thats 1 pro Democratic distrotion to the ten pro Republican.