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25 Oct 04,, 23:27
I like news sites that obtain their news for various sources, results in a better overall source of information.

I like

News Now 247
Headline News gathered from around the internet. Also has other features like stock quotes, finance, direction, movies etc.

Google News
Headline News gathered from around the internet

Anyone else have any good ones?

26 Oct 04,, 12:05
yes you can't go past google news - but check this link out for decentralised news feeds - http://www.dotso.com

26 Dec 04,, 02:17
I agree Google news is the best news site on the web..

Asim Aquil
27 Dec 04,, 13:43
google news rules, and its still in Beta

We (UPK) recently got accepted in the Google News circle.