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08 Jan 07,, 23:52

09 Jan 07,, 00:08
I wouldn't want to be Israel, but I think a preemptive strike would only bring about the exact thing they fear would happen.

I quiet back room promise that Iran would be completely obliterated in the case of any nuclear event hits Israel would probably be a better way to go.

Time for some of those "moderate" muslims to assert themselves in Iran. Maybe the world can avoid the whole thing.

09 Jan 07,, 00:32
Is this planning as in "let's do it" or planning as in "American making a contingency plan for invading Canada"?

09 Jan 07,, 01:13
This is pretty worrying. You guys don''t know how close it realy is. This has been going on for years. And Israel will do this the next chance it gets. Expect it to occur after Iran's next outlandish comment or if they have diplomatic disputes with the iaea or un or whatever. This is close guys.

09 Jan 07,, 01:43
Something has to be done. And everyone is out of ideas except the numbskulls that think Iran's agenda can be dismantled via diplomacy. I support Israel in there fight for freedom and surivival. Israel be fine if everyone just left them the hell alone. Bush was dead on when named Iran apart of the 'Axis of Evil'. That became clear as day when they turned down the Russian Deal.

If the world powers turn a blind eye to what's going on over there in Iran history is going to repeat itself via another major world war (They've clearly stated their intentions through their nutjob president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.) Having the head of state public crying for the destruction of another state is prelude to war. That's not freedom of speech. Even here in the US stuff like that wouldn't fly. They'd get railroaded right quick.

I do not want to see or any future generations to experience something on the scale of WWI or WW2 especially with todays technology. We, mankind, forget too soon the realities war and more importantly what lead to war.

I don't want to see any major military entity that has the ability to wage masssive war and destrcution arise out of the middle east. Futhermore I support any state be it China, Russia, France, or Israel whoever that wants to derail the muslim war machine.

My impression and position of the muslims today is that they will not "Live and Let Live' or "Live and Let Die'. The majority of recent world conflicts revolve around or are related to the the religion of Islam. They complain that they getting the short end of the stick when their not willing to 'change' or assimilate with modern values. They're their own problem but they bring their grief to their neighbors and won't take responsibility or blame for where they're at.

To qoute someone else:

In the first Godfather movie, Clemenza told Michael Corleone , "You know you got to stop them at the beginning, like they should have stopped Hitler at Munich, They should never they've never should have let him get away with that. They were just asking for big trouble. " Hopefully we're smart enough to stop the new Axis, before history repeats 1939 all over again.

09 Jan 07,, 01:55
Is this planning as in "let's do it" or planning as in "American making a contingency plan for invading Canada"?Normal contingency planning.

This is much ado about nothing.

09 Jan 07,, 05:32
Why is this thread in U.S. Politics? It shouldn't be. Ray started a thread along these lines in International Politics, where it belongs.

24 Jan 07,, 18:29
Israel has plans for nuclear strike on Iran - paper - Yahoo! News UK (http://uk.news.yahoo.com/07012007/325/israel-plans-nuclear-strike-iran-paper.html)

Seems a prudent thing for any responsible government to do about another country that has repeatedly threatened them with complete annihilation.

So, really, sonny, you're STILL safe. Now, run along and play.