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23 Oct 04,, 11:38

The whole 42:09 Stolen Honor online FREE right now!

Spread the word on the internet!

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Stolen Honor nails Kerry and the VVAW
and how they lied at Winter Soldier.
And how Kerry lied to the US Senate in 1971
And how Kerry and his pack of liars caused our POW's to suffer!

Kerry and the DNC cannot stop
EVERYONE on the internet from seeing this!

23 Oct 04,, 17:11
Thanks, I wanted to see this.

23 Oct 04,, 18:17
Is it true that Kerry got Sinclair Media to not show this on tv? I think ill be watching this online before he has that site shut down.

23 Oct 04,, 19:06
Thanks again. This pretty much covers my feelings for Kerry, and people who use war for political gain in general.

02 Nov 04,, 08:40

This video clip, "Stolen Honor," was an awesome, compelling presentation in the words of genuine heros of the Vietnam era!

I had plenty of sound reason for not wanting John Kerry as President of the United States before viewing this, but now I know that I could never support him after the lies that he told, and the damage that he caused for prisoners of war!

John Kerry admitted that he had participated in war crimes at the same time he accused others of doing it as well, even though they had not. He ADMITTED that he was a WAR CRIMINAL! I could never accept him as commander in chief and president of my country!

In contrast, George Bush has made a commitment to defeat terrorists wherever they hide. I don't care if President Bush did not serve in a combat role in Vietnam. At least he did not go there and participate in war crimes, and then stab his fellow veterans in the back by accusing them of being criminals. John Kerry protested the war, and helped to divide this country then, and he is doing it again now.


James Jerome
U.S. citizen, patriot.