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17 Oct 04,, 13:37
My first post.

Bush quotes Kerry…
“Wrong war, wrong place, wrong time” (referring specifically to Iraq)

then he says…

“How can he lead if this is the message he sends to the troops? They will say, ‘I can’t follow this guy’”

This may seem fair enough on the surface, but think about this…

The above statement implies that any candidate opposing the Bush administration who believes that the Iraq war was done wrongly, would automatically be rendered unfit to lead, as a result of the communication of such an opinion.

Is this not a paradoxical situation for any opposing candidate:confused: ? Maybe I’m looking too much into this.

What do you guys think about this?

17 Oct 04,, 14:30
Kerry was all for the war until he started campaigning. I wouldn't want to take orders from a guy that 180s like that. It doesn't help that I only agree with 1/3 of his statement, "wrong time".

17 Oct 04,, 14:38
I think the U.S. is about equally divided on the War in Iraq, and since Security seems to be the #1 priority issue to voters, Bush's has to persuade the ones against the Iraq War that it is a security issue for the American people. For Bush to accomplish that, he has to make Kerry seem less of a protector of America. The War in Iraq has caused Americans to feel more insecure so Bush has to show he is the only one that can fix the situation, but ironically, he is the one that has caused those feelings of insecurity in the first place, since Kerry didn't support the war plan. I would call it a "bait and switch" tactic. :biggrin:

17 Oct 04,, 15:44

Majority of the Americans now say that going to war with Iraq was a wrong decision.