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29 Dec 06,, 13:20
I recently started playing blackjack in the casino. I must admit I did not follow basic strategy, relied instead on intuition. I had only $10 with which to spend that my brother gave me for Christmas.

I left with a quite a bit more money than I began with :)

Anybody here blackjack fans, and know of any good strategies to beat the house? I'm interested in card counting, but don't want to get banned from any casinos.

I also never want to find myself in a situation where I am continually spending money to make back what I lost either.

What strategy do you think is best? Is it wise to follow basic strategy, card counting, or perhaps a combination of those along with some intuition?

29 Dec 06,, 19:20
Blackjack is also known as "Pontoon". In my quest to decide what I wanted to do when I grow up I was a blackjack dealer. Winning at blackjack is two part. First it's about betting and you always play with the house's money.

Second is related to the first and that is when to increase your bet. The only "sure" way is to count cards. Unless your "Rainman" you need to find a casino that plays a single deck. There are still a few. The Biltmore in Tahoe during the week for instance. A double deck just doesn't work as well (for me).

Don't expect to get rich. They know when you're counting. if you keep playing with only $5 or $10 chips they probably won't bother you. I've been braced by casino security. When they found out I was an ex-dealer they left me alone. They knew I wasn't out to "break the house".

All the strategy in the world won't help if you don't know when to quit. With $5 chips this means when you've won around $150 it's time to leave.

I used go to Tahoe deliberately broke and repeatedly win enough to pay for skiing, hotel and dinner. It would thrill my girlfriend and really piss off my friends. :biggrin:

29 Dec 06,, 19:45
Card counting is hard to do well, it takes alot of practice and is near impossible in a casino with a card "shoe" (a long plastic container that holds multiple decks shuffled together.) Just watch out for the shoe and watch out for security ;).

01 Jan 07,, 01:52
Anybody here blackjack fans, and know of any good strategies to beat the house? When you win a hand, raise your subsequent bet. For example, if you bet $5.00 and win, bet $10 on the next hand. Blackjack is a game of streaks, the best you can do is ride the streaks. If you lose, go back to the minimum bet for the table. Again, blackjack is a game of streaks and by betting the minimum while you are losing, you reduce the losses. Beyond that, make use of the special plays, doubling when you have a hand of eleven. The odds in blackjack slightly favor the house, but if you follow a sound betting strategy, you can beat the house on the money even if you don't win more hands.