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28 Dec 06,, 22:36
What battles do you think have been highly influential in history but are now largely forgotten?

For example, there is the Battle of Stamford Bridge in 1066, in which Harold Godwinson defeat a substantial Viking force under the command of Harald III, after which he turned south to fight William the Conquerer in the Battle of Hastings, which was then lost.

Surely this battle had was a major factor in deciding the outcome of the Battle of Hastings... if Harold II had not had to fend off two invasions, he may have been much better prepared to fend of William's invasion in the south.

28 Dec 06,, 23:08
The Battle of Carrhae, where Crassus led a Roman army to its doom.
Consequences: Put a damper (not stopped!) on Roman conquest in the rich east.
With one leg of the Triumvirat chopped off, it didnít take long for Ceasar and Pompey to go at each other hammer and tong.
Exit The Republic enter The Empire!

Kansas Bear
28 Dec 06,, 23:33
Battle of Tours 732

Stopped Muslim advancement into France and set the stage for the Carolingian empire.

28 Dec 06,, 23:47
Battle of Tours 732
Not exactly forgotten...

In relatively recent times, how about the Battle of Amiens in WW1? Critically important to the defeat of the German armies in the field, but everyone gets fixated on the Somme and Ypres/Passchendaele and forgets that the Allies effectively destroyed the German field armies in the Autumn of 1918.