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27 Aug 03,, 13:26
To: UN and World Government Leaders

We, the undersigned, petition the United Nations, its Security Council and World Government Leaders to join Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch to declare that homicide/suicide bombings and acts of terror against civilians are "war crimes against humanity."

Furthermore, we insist that the United Nations, its Security Council and World Government Leaders declare that raising infants and children to become suicidal/homicidal bombers is a violation of fundamental human rights, a breach of the Geneva Convention and a war crime. We ask that those political, governmental, military and religious organizations and their leaders and supporters be prosecuted by the International War Crimes Tribunal to the fullest extent of International Law.

It is our firm belief that when these genocidal war crimes cease, populations will not have to conduct defensive actions against terrorism. When that happens, there stands to be improved chances of peace in the world through negotiation and civilized conflict resolution. The petitioners firmly believe that conflicts in the Middle East and elsewhere can and must be resolved by diplomatic, political and negotiated means, but that when civilians are attacked by terrorists, there is no recourse but for defensive measures.

We have signed this position and sent it to people of all faiths, ethnic backgrounds and political beliefs with the hopes that the UN and World Leaders will not only vote to divest countries of their weapons of mass destruction, but upon the immorality and criminality of raising of innocents to kill other innocents.


The Undersigned

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28 Aug 03,, 00:20
No, I don't believe the UN has the right to exsist, thus sending a patition is stupid.

28 Aug 03,, 01:02
i dont get it :confused:

28 Aug 03,, 01:10
The UN should be dismantled, no one should be signing patitions to give to them. Not only does it not do anything but you are sanctioning the exsistence of the UN.

I agree about the basic premis of course.

28 Aug 03,, 08:27
Obviously the UN should be disbanded, or at least have the US as its only member, but that aint happening anytime soon, so we gotta work this way until something changes.

29 Aug 03,, 02:25
rubbish! UN is needed...atleast for namesake :roll:

29 Aug 03,, 02:54
confine to dustbin of history, like League of Nations

29 Aug 03,, 06:19
I think the UN should be maintained soley for the purpose of communication between disputing nations but should not have the power to form resolutions or make any decisions.

29 Aug 03,, 09:51
That seems like a cool compromise. Nobody cares about the resolutions anyway...