View Full Version : US airplane down off Cape Cod

26 Aug 03,, 22:26
Barnstable, MA Police confirm aircraft down around Cape Cod in south eastern Massachusetts.

heres the CNN Breaking News banner: "Commuter plane bound for Albany, N.Y., crashes into Nantucket Sound off Massachusetts, FAA says. Details soon."

probably not terrorism, but who knows, RIP for the up to 21 people belived onboard.

27 Aug 03,, 04:10
2 people belived on plane, havent heard anything since the Breaking News Banner on CNN, is it being covered up or something?

27 Aug 03,, 10:11
How did CNN (or you) jump from 21 to 2?

27 Aug 03,, 14:42
The US Coast Guard and Barnstable Police Dept. had inital reports of 21 people on plane, later found to be only 2.

27 Aug 03,, 14:45
Oh. I would have thought it was another case of CNN lying.