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18 Feb 04,, 05:36
*vents steam* I got a fucking speed ticket! My second one in 4 weeks!!

I was going 70 miles in a 60 mile highway which was Interstate 35. I thought it was 65 mph. When I entered the highway, there was no speed limit sign posted when I got pulled over by the police. Get this, he tried to bullshit me saying that i got clocked going at 75 which I know it was completely bullshit. I was going 70. I did not say anything. My older brother was with me and he did say something but I did not hear him. I just handed over my license and insurrance and registration papers over quickly and waited for his response. When he came back with the ticket, he told me that he would cut me some slack. He said he would clock me at 71 instead of 75 and gave me the ticket to sign. F*CKING BS!!!! F*CK ALL INSURANCE COMPANIES AND STUPID MAYORS WHO CAN"T KEEP THEIR F*CKING GRUBBING HANDS OFF THE MONEY AND CAUSING BUDGET DEFICITS!!!!

I need advice on how to beat this thing. I am gonna shove this thing up this stupid fucking cop's ass who is clearly a corrupt and greedy bastard who came from a fucking goat! Such incidents leave me in such foul thoughts of the cops. No fucking way I am gonna donate any money to the cops. I will not shed any tears for any of their f*cking boo hoo sob stories of hardships. I GOT CHEATED!!!

18 Feb 04,, 14:28
Cleanup in the Pub!!!

Seriously though, if there was no sign or it wasn't visible you might be able to beat it, even if you were 5mph above what you thought it was

18 Feb 04,, 14:31
I thought I edited the title of the thread. It did showed in my post but not the thread in the forum.

Sorry for the title but I was so pissed off that I simply had to vent my rage.

18 Feb 04,, 15:07
You should get a PBA card

18 Feb 04,, 17:37
What is a PBA card? What good does it do?

18 Feb 04,, 17:49
damn, i keep changing places and i dont know any cops :puke

Is there any scam where they sell PBA cards ??:evil:

18 Feb 04,, 19:13
Take it to court.

28 Aug 04,, 04:50
Dear Bloodmaster,

If The Cop Didnt Used A Radar, You Can Take It To Court And Tell The Judge, Wtf He Didnt Even Use A Radar To Show Me How Fast I Speeded Because I Was Going My Speed Limit Or Whatever U Were Going....just Recently My Grandfather Got A Ticket For Going 15mph Over The Speed Limit In A Residential Area The Danm Cop Was Hiding Behind The Trees.. But Ima Take It To Court And Fight For It Because He Didnt Show Me The Radar And It Doesnt Show On The Ticket He Had A Radar... How Does He Know He Was Going 40mph....

Asim Aquil
28 Aug 04,, 14:35
At least you guys can go and complain.

I've been trying to freakin launch a complaint ever since they gave me a reckless driving ticket to a PARKED car, I just had hoisted a Pakistani Flag that pissed them off!

The car was parked! And it was our Independence Day! I mean if he had the guts, he should've tried pinning something on me about the flag. He didn't even give me a ticket actually since he knew I'd object to it, and he'd have no law backing him up for it. He said I'm cutting you some slack now go straight home, take off the flag. Fine with me. A week later I'm being called to the Police Head Quarters and apparently got a ticket for a PARKED car that was screeching and racing!!

Tried to complain, and they're like "My friend are you local? No? Then forget it, they won't listen to you, its better you go back home..." I persisted, and they're like goto some general crap, who never shows up! So thank god, your cops have gone to school and are answerable to someone else as well!

28 Aug 04,, 15:55
Well if you go 70 in a 60 zone you've only got yourself to blame...

03 Sep 04,, 01:26
bah, i think you pretty much said it, 70 mph in a 60 mph zone.. yeh, dont try to work around something you did wrong.