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27 Aug 04,, 04:31
California in garage-sale cleanout

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is inviting bargain-hunters to a huge garage sale of state property.

The California Garage Sale will be held on Friday and Saturday in the state capital, Sacramento.

Aeroplane engines, forklift trucks and a 1995 Ford Mustang - an asset seizure by police - will be among items up for grabs.

"Eliminating surplus property is just one way we can work together to clean out the cobwebs of government," Governor Schwarzenegger said.

"I am calling on Californians to participate in this historic opportunity to help us eliminate the excess."


Fred Aguiar, secretary of the State and Consumer Services Agency, predicted desks could go for as little as $2 and laptops for just $20.

Some items would also be listed on internet auctioneer eBay.

The surplus government stock is being housed in a 30,480 sq m (100,000 sq ft) warehouse.

One attraction will be items taken from passengers trying to board planes - knives, scissors, nail clippers, even an electric cattle prod.

"Hand tools, power tools - I don't know what they were thinking trying to get on a plane with this," Mr Aguiar said.

A lot of the furniture has been made by state prisoners, while many other items come from drugs confiscations.

Other goods were purchased by government agencies and became obsolete.

Mr Aguiar would not say how much the state hoped to raise from the sale.

But the governor is looking for as many revenue streams as possible to maintain his election promise of no new taxes.