View Full Version : okay boys, lets get them digital camera's clicking already!

07 Aug 03,, 03:07
well I am gonna pull out my camera and start clicking away! please post your models photo's so we can start this section!

07 Aug 03,, 03:16
If you want, go here:

http://www.pakistanidefenceforum.com/index.php?act=Search&CODE=show&searchid=7175ee7695 c729be0bdb0933998174b8&search_in=titles&result_typ e=topics&highlite=

All you have to do is click on the link to your post, edit, copy, and paste in a thread here. I did that for all of my posts in the Military Images forum on PDF, you don't have to change the code or anything. :G

07 Aug 03,, 23:57
LOL, i'll take pictures of my Spitfire model when Horrido sends it to me...

29 Oct 07,, 14:12
I think this might be a silly question ,how would i get an old picture changed to digital format . hobogeo canada

29 Oct 07,, 17:32
Talk about resuscitating an old thread. You'd need to have the print scanned.:)

29 Oct 07,, 18:40
Well, I'm just going to submit an old picture of my HO scale C-47. The C-47 was the Military version of the DC-3. She was commonly called the "Gooney Bird" though the official name was "Skytrain" as delivered from the factory. But the USN named it the R4D, airborne units named it the "Skytrooper" and the British named it the "Dakota".

Though we had other transport planes in WW II, this tough bird flew "The Hump" over Burma and dropped paratroopers from Normandy to the South Pacific.

This model in 1:87 (HO) scale is put out by Walthers as part of their Cornerstone series of layout models besides their trains. They also have an HO scale model of (2) P-51 Mustangs (which I haven't put together yet).

I did no extra detailing of the model as my intent was for one of my layouts was to have an airstrip alongside the railroad tracks with planes lined up for a World War II air show and recruiting event.

There is absolutely nothing special about it and I probably won't even vote for it myself. But being in HO scale is unusual enough to let other model builders know of its (and the P-51s) availability.

29 Oct 07,, 21:01
lol Thanks for the info,My wife thinks im an idiot, so you probablly do to....lol thanks again ill submit my photos soon....

29 Oct 07,, 21:18
lol Thanks for the info,My wife thinks im an idiot, so you probablly do to....lol thanks again ill submit my photos soon....

It's a pleasure and fear not, we have several digitally challenged members here...;)

30 Oct 07,, 15:36
now that i found the thread,lol, heres my pic of my old B29.