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26 Aug 03,, 07:55
US attacked over UN resolution

International human rights groups have accused the US Government of attempting to block a United Nations resolution that would seek to enhance the protection of humanitarian workers in conflict zones.

US officials are objecting to a section of the resolution which refers to attacks on humanitarian workers as a war crime under the statutes of the newly-established International Criminal Court (ICC).

Washington does not recognise the court.

It also insists on either removing reference to it from UN resolutions or having paragraphs inserted that give immunity to nations like America that have not ratified the Rome Statute establishing the ICC.

Human rights groups are angry that less than a week after the attack on the UN headquarters in Baghdad, the US is objecting to the draft UN resolution.

With emotions still running high in the aftermath, they now say Washington may have gone too far.

Human Rights Watch has accused the US of waging an ill-conceived and ideologically-driven crusade against the court and in the process, compromising efforts to protect aid workers.

"After the tragic killing of aid workers in Baghdad, the US opposition to the proposed resolution is disgraceful," said Richard Dicker, director of Human Rights Watch's international justice programme.

Other human rights groups argue that the court should be supported as it acts as a deterrent to those who might consider attacks on humanitarian workers.


26 Aug 03,, 12:29
Bah, all these "Humanitarian groups" cry and whine just a little to much for my taste... and because of that I generally start spouting shit 180 degrees off from their point of view.

27 Aug 03,, 03:49
It is not our job to protect them I say if they want to do their humanitarian let them come but if they die it aint our fault.

27 Aug 03,, 07:37
It is not our job to protect them I say if they want to do their humanitarian let them come but if they die it aint our fault.

I am afraid that is not the case. As per conventions [written by the Western world, just for one's info], the onus to ensure security of all is that of the occupying power.

To you, the humanitarian agencies whine, but to those occupied they are the saviours since they have no voice except for the international agencies.

Gary Powers the U2 pilot was captured in the USSR and how you whined! He was a spy and so what the USSR did was as per the convention. Yet, what a song and dance there was! It pinches when you wear the boot!

When Agent Orange and heaven knows what else were used in Vietnam, it was prefectly OK, but when Chemical Ali gassed, it was an international crime! Notwithstanding that NBC Warfare is foul and reprehensible, yet just looking at the morality question, it is a real laugh! :p

Also note the difference in attitude amongst Western Nations. US troops are trigger happy and losing friends, yet the British inspite of serious provation are being matured. US is liberating Iraq, but that liberation is more of captivation - both in shock and awe and ensuring that they are brought to serious deprivation without electricity, water and what have you. US went without electricity for one night and there was panic and indignation. Get real. Apply democratic values which the WHOLE world appreciates without reservation by having a level playing field. Or is democracy for some folks more important than for others?

I am aware that my posts may rankle, but as a true admirer of western values, I wish that all westerners get more sensitive so that in the bargain the radicals are eliminated in our world and actual freedom triumphs!