View Full Version : Esquire interview of Osama bin laden circa 1998

08 Aug 04,, 17:33
Link for the Osama interview (http://www.abcnews.go.com/sections/world/DailyNews/miller_binladen_980609.html)

The interview was conducted on May 28, 1998. Miller and his crew were led by armed Islamic militants by foot through the mountains of southern Afghanistan to meet bin Laden at a secret hideaway.

JOHN MILLER Mr. bin Laden, to Americans you are an interesting figure: A man who comes from a background of wealth and comforts who ended up fighting on the front lines. Many Americans would think thatís unusual.

OSAMA BIN LADEN Thanks be to Allah. It is hard for one to understand if the person does not understand Islam. In our religion we believe that Allah created us to worship him. Allah is the one who created us and blessed us with this religion, and orders us to carry out the holy struggle jihad to raise the word of Allah above the words of the unbelievers.

We believe this is a form of worship we must follow despite our financial ability. This is a response to Westerners and secularists in the Arab world who claim the reason for the awakening and the return to Islam is financial difficulties. This is untrue. In fact, the return of the people to Islam is a blessing from Allah, and their return is a need for Allah.