View Full Version : Carlos the Jackal

07 Aug 04,, 18:25
This guy makes communism and Islam look bad. What an idiot. He's in prison for life in France.

Carlos does not say why it is good for mankind to destroy the United States. His method is religious and admits of neither doubts nor counterarguments. The West is evil, and the United States is the leader of the West. Thus the United States is evil. At one point he says the United States is an incarnation of Satan (Shaytan) and should, therefore, be hated without question, just as believers hate Satan without asking why.


Can we bomb a French prison?

07 Aug 04,, 20:55
Can we bomb a French prison?
Could just pay another inmate to do him in, I think that would only add like 3 weeks to his sentence, in France, so it should be inexpensive. ;)