View Full Version : Accidental forum visit, and it has me thinking EVIL thoughts

25 Aug 03,, 03:00

Went there by accident today. Go take a look. Anybody want to join?

25 Aug 03,, 10:50
And what? Launch a flaming campaign?

25 Aug 03,, 13:50
I take it "Progressive" is their word for "Socialist."

I'm all for charging in. Nothing funner than playing with commie wanna bes. (Well, maybe playing with chemtrail conspiracy theorists..)Unfortunately, I looked at their forum and it had 0 posts it. Well, unfortunate for my fun at least. Looks like the "revolution" is on hold due to lack of interest.

25 Aug 03,, 13:57
So they have 0 posts think preemtive stike :D

25 Aug 03,, 14:14
Command Reduction Of Army Personnel (C.R.A.P.)

As a result of DOD budget cutbacks, we are forced to reduce the size of the force. Under CRAP, older soldiers will go on early retirement, thus permitting the retention of lower paid soldiers who represent the Army's future.

A program to phase out older soldiers via retirement by the end of the current fiscal year will be placed in effect. the program will be known as Retire Active Personnel Early (RAPE).

Employees who are RAPEd will be given the opportunity to seek civilian employment within the Department of the Army. To that end, RAPEd soldiers will be required to fill out numerous DA Forms (currently in the development, test, and evaluation stage) detailing their education and experience. This phase does not guarantee retired soldiers a civil service position; it does, however, guarantee that the soldier's unique capabilities will be considered before being bypassed in the hiring process. This phase of CRAP is known as Survey of Capabilities of Retired Warriors (SCREW).

Soldiers who have been RAPEd and SCREWed may request review of their situation by higher authority. This is the Study by Higher Authority Following Termination (SHAFT) phase.

CRAP policy dictates that a soldier may be RAPEd once, SCREWed twice, but may be SHAFTed as many times as the Army leadership deems appropriate.

If a soldier follows the above procedures, he or she will be entitled to get Half Earnings for Retired Personnel Early Severance (HERPES). As HERPES is considered a benefit payment, any soldier who gets HERPES will no longer be RAPEd or SCREWed by the Army.

The Army leadership wishes to assure younger soldiers who remain on active duty that the Army will continue its policy of ensuring that soldiers are well trained through our Special High Intensity Training (SHIT) program. The Army takes pride in the amount of SHIT our soldiers receive and can boast that it gives its soldiers more SHIT than any other service.

If a soldier feels he or she does not get enough SHIT, see your commander. Your commander is especially trained to make sure you receive all the SHIT you can stand.

25 Aug 03,, 17:37
So they have 0 posts think preemtive stike :D

zero posts, and the forum has been open for MONTHS! Now THAT is not what I call progress!

25 Aug 03,, 17:58
Every liberal forum I've seen is pretty dead. Kind of like the 9th amendment debate community on ezBoard.

26 Aug 03,, 19:32
"accidental visit". God sure does work in mysterious ways, doesn't he?

Saw their total amount of posts. 0. increasing the number there sure does get my vote. :twisted:

27 Aug 03,, 04:38
If you want to bait socialists, go to DemocraticUnderground. Of course, you'll only get a few posts before they ban you, and then delete your posts...

27 Aug 03,, 10:15
We could run a Jihad. Or maybe a contest, see how far we get before we get banned. Most posts wins...

01 Sep 03,, 18:17
We could run a Jihad. Or maybe a contest, see how far we get before we get banned. Most posts wins...

Doesn't one have to be declared by a Cleric? You have a Rabbi within arms reach?

For that matter, wheres Captain C? People of the book are people of the book.

01 Sep 03,, 18:27
Who needs one? Just yell "Allah is a Mouse", and run for the target!!!