View Full Version : My finest hour and darkest moment

30 Jul 04,, 12:34
All you army veterans and anyone been in the service try to remember when you were back in the army and nothing but a recruit and not having got a slightest clue about whats going on, post your greatest achievement and your biggest blooper :)
My finest hour, when I ran 3000 meters in the cooper test, I was one of the few in my company who broke the magical 3km line.
My darkest moment, the first night in forest I was fetching the food supplies from a nearby truck and forgot my weapon in the tent, to my bad luck our squadleader catches me and yells Where in the hell is your weapon! The entire platoon was called out and marched 100 meters away, squadleader told me guard the truck while the rest of the platoon was crawling all the way to our tent to fetch my weapon :redface: , I didn't laugh at that back then but now it sounds ridiculous.