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17 Nov 06,, 23:26
Indonesia to buy $1b of Russian weapons

INDONESIA has agreed to buy weaponry worth one billion dollars from Russia over the next five years to beef up its military capability, said Defence Minister Juwono Sudarsono.
The five-year plan was approved by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono at a cabinet meeting on Thursday and will take effect from 2007.
"We have agreed that the main weaponry system from Russia is needed, especially strike force" equipment for Indonesia's army, navy and air force, Mr Sudarsono said.
Payments for the deal are to be strictly government-to-government. He cautioned that his department would monitor for possible cost "inflation" by Russian officials.
The plan includes the purchase of eight Sukhoi jets, two submarines and up to four assault helicopters, in line with government efforts to build a squadron of 10 Sukhoi jets.
Indonesia was forced to look for new arms suppliers after the US imposed restrictions on military sales and cooperation over concerns about rights abuses committed by the Indonesian armed forces in East Timor in 1991.
The US, eager for Indonesia's assistance in fighting terrorism, lifted arms restrictions and resumed full military ties in November 2004.


18 Nov 06,, 01:25
Well I know the TNI is really only geared towards maintaining the Republik's territorial integrety, but they really do need some new weapons, because, if there is a war, unlikely as it is, I really don't like the idea of the ADF having to handle all their air defence for them.

18 Nov 06,, 02:01
I see you are not a follower of Carlo Kopp.. good to see... ;)

18 Nov 06,, 02:34
I see you are not a follower of Carlo Kopp.. good to see... ;)

I suspect that he once had a bad culinary experience at a multicultural food festival. Unfortunately he seems to think that India, China and Indonesia all have a malevolent need to invade us. :eek:

Considering that we are currently providing the Indon Navy with greenwater training, and that it was actually the military to military relationships that stopped us from throwing rocks at each other a few years back - then I'm not losing sleep over them acquiring extra gear.

The reality is that they don't have the remotest capability to use their current and future mix in a forceful hostile manner. They're not even in a position to challenge the Malays let alone undertake expeditionary or long range warfare against a country with a competent military and very good detection/management/sensor systems.

Hopefully, the ugly days are behind us - if they're not, then $1bn in new kit won't make a difference anyway

30 Nov 06,, 06:25
Some of his number crunching is fairly good. But then his bias makes the analysis and how he presents those numbers, suspect.

30 Nov 06,, 09:14
I see you are not a follower of Carlo Kopp.. good to see... ;)

I do from time to time suspect that maybe there is something to the idea that some people, such as he, should simply be executed. The way I see it, that level of stupidity concentrated in one person is an insult to the dignity of Humanity.

03 Dec 06,, 03:52
Poland to sell arms to Indonesia

Poland prepares to modernise Indonesian Army. Indonesia announced its plans of the modernisation of its army at cost of over 3.5 billion US dollars. According to the Indonesian defence minister Juwono Sudarsono orders for arms worth as much as 2.5 billion could go to Polish arms manufacturers. Poland has been selling arms to Indonesia for several years. PZL Mielec delivered the Skytruck planes to the Indonesian police which proved useful during the rescue operation after the tsunami disaster. PZL Swidnik sold for 15 million dollars 11 helicopters. In January 2007 the Indonesian coast guard will receive 5 patrol boats manufactured in the Polish Navy Shipyard while the Indonesian Army has ordered anti-aircraft weapons from Polish Bumar. The 2.5 billion dollars will be spent in the US or Poland but, according to Indonesian defence minister, Poland's chances are growing.

03 Dec 06,, 04:06
Yudhoyono, Putin seal $3bn arms pactby Dario Thuburn in Moscow
December 02, 2006 05:40am
Article from: Agence France-PresseFont size: + -

INDONESIAN President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin agreed to expand energy ties and arms trade during talks in Moscow overnight.

"We have a real potential for advancing our bilateral cooperation in political, economic, military and other areas," Mr Putin said after the Kremlin meeting.

"We would like to strengthen cooperation between Russia and Indonesia. Russia is a very important country for Indonesia," said Mr Yudhoyono, who was on his first visit to Russia.

A number of agreements were signed during Mr Yudhoyono's visit, including on cooperation in space technology, nuclear energy, military purchases and tourism.

Indonesian officials said purchases of Russian arms were key to the visit.

"We had mostly Soviet weapons in the 1960s. Now we want to have more Russian weapons again," a top Indonesian defence ministry official, Shafri Shamsudin, told the Nezavisimaya Gazeta daily in an interview published overnight.

Indonesia is planning to buy Sukhoi fighter jets, submarines, armoured personnel carriers and military helicopters, Mr Shamsudin said, adding that "new formulas" for financing the deal will be discussed.

The Kommersant daily cited officials as saying that Indonesia will be offered $US1 billion ($1.26 billion) in credit to buy Russian arms but wants to make purchases of $US3 billion ($3.8 billion).

"The most important document is set to be an agreement on the development of military technical cooperation for 2007-2010," Kommersant said, adding that Indonesia was particularly interested in buying submarines.

Mr Yudhoyono was impressed by the Russian military technology he saw on display at the Indo Defence 2006 arms fair that took place in Jakarta last week, Kommersant said.

"We have agreed that the main weaponry system from Russia is needed, especially strike force" equipment for Indonesia's army, navy and air force, Indonesian Defence Minister Juwono Sudarsono told reporters last month.

Indonesia, once a major purchaser of Soviet weaponry, bought fighter jets, military helicopters, armoured personnel carriers and Kalashnikov assault rifles from Russia in 2003, Kommersant added.

Indonesia was forced to look for new arms suppliers after Washington imposed restrictions on military sales over concerns about rights abuses committed by Indonesian forces in East Timor in 1991.

Nuclear energy was also on the agenda and Russian nuclear energy agency Rosatom announced overnight that it will be taking part in a tender to build Indonesia's first nuclear power plant.

Indonesia is suffering from growing power shortages and has revived plans for nuclear energy that were shelved in 1997 because of mounting public opposition.

Indonesia and Russia were also set sign an agreement for Russian energy firms Gazprom and Lukoil to take part in oil and gas projects on the island of Borneo, Kommersant said.

"Indonesia is the biggest supplier of energy to Asia. We believe it is extremely important to coordinate our actions on world energy markets so that there is no damage but instead to boost cooperation," Putin said.

Russia has announced ambitious plans to steer a great amount of oil and gas exports towards energy-hungry Asian markets, particularly China, Japan and South Korea.

Trade turnover between Russia and Indonesia rose from 366.3 million dollars (276 million euros) in 2004 to 551.2 million dollars in 2005 and amounted to 300.9 million dollars in the first half of 2006, a Kremlin official said.

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