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29 Jul 04,, 04:04
Hi all

I just found this forum, through a google search. I would like to let people know about these web sites below, as I hope they may be useful.

Social, political and economic change
This site has the World Social Change reports we prepared, reviews of main world
demographic and political changes and data used to develop the reviews, and a review of theories of change. This site also links to free information about long term changes in political, economic and social systems. This site links to theory,
data, research, syllabi, history, and more.

Free resources in methods in evaluation and social research
links to free on line books, manuals, articles on how to do social research, including surveys, interviews, observations and more. Also links to research about research methods, free software, and sites on how to present data. This site also has a review of free statistical resources.

Also, I'm a sociologist, so I had been using sociopranos and actually just today started a thread there

Announcements for sociology and other social sciences
See the thread " July 2004 sociology announcements"

Basically, in this thread, everyone is invited to post announcements about conferences, reports, research, books, jobs, funding, web sites related to sociolog or other social sciences. I'll start a new thread every month.

thanks all.

Gene Shackman