View Full Version : I'm Baaaaack!!!

21 Jun 04,, 00:53
Hey people! Long time, no see!!! I been havin comp troubles, monitor problems, and various other things goin on, including a girlfriend, graduation, etc... but now, thankx to Praxus, I'm back and I'm here to cause trouble... I mean, to stay! Let me know what's new and exciting, hot and bothering, and otherwise interesting goin on, aiight?


21 Jun 04,, 00:58
Shhh! Can all that talking behind his back! ;)

21 Jun 04,, 01:50
Welcome back. :biggrin:

21 Jun 04,, 02:40
welcome back!

21 Jun 04,, 03:25
Yay! Was wondering about you bigross. Welcome back! :biggrin:

22 Jun 04,, 04:33
Welcome back! We were all curious to know where you had disappeared to. :)

22 Jun 04,, 05:26
Hey, if you just had graduation does that mean army training is coming soon? Or are they letting you do university first? I hope you will still be able to post from time to time on your leave.

22 Jun 04,, 08:48
The IDF is sending me to a Pre-Military Academy for a year, then I enlist. I dunno how often I'll be back, but I'll try and post every once in a while