View Full Version : Man fakes death to sleep with mistress

18 Jun 04,, 00:21
Man faked own death for month-long romp

16 June 2004

PADERBORN - A German who faked a fatal motorcycle accident so he could spend a month cavorting with his mistress has been handed a massive bill for the search and rescue effort he caused, civic officials said Wednesday.

Police found the cycle on its side with the engine running, on the bank of the Lippe river in Germany. Divers scoured the riverbed and after several days found the man's motorcycle helmet, but no body. Not a bad plan

A month later, the man returned to his wife and family in Paderborn, northern Germany, according to the newspaper Westfalen-Blatt. The girlfriend's reaction was not quoted.

A municipal spokesman confirmed the city fire department had invoiced the man for EUR 12,000 for wasting brigade time in February.

"We don't think other taxpayers should be

liable for this, nor was it fair of him," said a spokesman. "There never was any accident."

Police said they would also be seeking nominal compensation.