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14 Jun 04,, 23:54
There's an interesting article about Iraqi Shiites in a recent issue of National Geographic magazine. Some of the things they discuss is the fact that most Iraqi Shiites are Arab converts and Iranian Shiites are mostly Persian. Most Iraqi Shiites are secular and don't want a government like Iran.


15 Jun 04,, 02:12
True... I just finished an essay on this issue of the differences and divisions that exist in the Arab, Muslim world... It seems many Iraqi's are quick to distinguish themselves from fanatical Muslims(Iran etc.although like crazy Christians, they are popping up everywhere in times of uncertainty). I think most people in Iraq fear fundamentalism just as much as the West does and will not accept rule by the cleric, power grabbers...

Mind you, if your way of life was destroyed and there was a constant state of chaos in your town, i'm sure most people would return to the churches and 'the old ways' for some basic feeling of order certainty....

Modernisation will balance it out and make people less religiously fanatical as it has for the majority of the modern world.

15 Jun 04,, 22:29
I don't think Iraqi Shi'ites are Arab converts. Shi'aism (or whatever) was founded in southern Iraq some 13 centuries ago.