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14 Jun 04,, 21:19
Why people should care more about inteligence as opposed to sex life of their presidents....


Notice the title of the book ( or the way he is holding it )....

14 Jun 04,, 22:44
#1) Nobody cared Clinton was an accused rapist and womanizer, it was the lying about it that hurt.

#2) If somebody hands you a pair of binoculars you'll check for lens caps before you look through them? (If you say yes you're lying.)

#3) You've never held a book, you weren't even looking at, upside down? (If you say no you're either lying or they don't have books where you live.)

#4) At least I know what Bush stands for, he doesn't change his mind, or forget, what he stands for just because the wind changes direction. How can anyone ever vote for a person like Clinton, or Kerry, when you have no idea what they'll stand for tomorrow?

15 Jun 04,, 02:22
I normally dont bash Bush lol, I couldent resist this one. His facial expression looks as if hes saying "Where is she reading from" :)

15 Jun 04,, 02:52


15 Jun 04,, 03:09


15 Jun 04,, 15:25
Both should have been handed the binoculars with the lens protective caps off.

The photographers were just being naughty since it made a good copy!

Yet, all the photos were real funny. Its good for a laugh! :)

15 Jun 04,, 15:41
Both should have been handed the binoculars with the lens protective caps off.

So true, maybe they wanted to save them from the temporary pain of viewing the wretched poverty that is North Korea;)

15 Jun 04,, 17:27
yes, I dont like Bush, but these pictures was solely for laugh purposes...

15 Jun 04,, 20:10
these pictures was solely for laugh purposes...


15 Jun 04,, 23:48
Which ones were not photoshopped?

TBH, i don't care which leader in the world looks through binoculars with the lens cap on or off. He, ultimately, isn't there to actually see anything through them, its a photo op. Same goes for reading upside down books. Would you rather Dubya was reading the book and ignoring the little girl?

The only amusing thing about such things is that the political arrangers cannot ensure the photo opportunity goes smoothly. It doesn't reflect on the man in the middle.

Unless it is Dan Quayle trying to spell, of course. He just plain got it wrong.