View Full Version : need help with avatar

13 Jun 04,, 23:01

I shrinked it beyond 125 and it's still not registering, keeps saying too big! I don't get it, that and I even made it into gif, knowing itsa smaller size than jpg, but nopes -- 'LunaTock said ya guys can help?

14 Jun 04,, 02:14
Don't have the admins ability to mess around with that pic. Or move the thread anymore. But I can suggest that this would be better suited for the suggestions forum, and not firearms. :)

14 Jun 04,, 03:13
Oh hush! I'm so use ta posting in this area I didn't even know that other area(s?) like that existed, hehe. :)


14 Jun 04,, 03:34
Both width and height were under 125 pixels?

14 Jun 04,, 03:42
Why don't you just have the option to resize it automatically? Other forums I'm on have that, and its so much easier.

14 Jun 04,, 21:53
I got it, guys -- I jus used diff. proggie ta re-size. That other one wasn't doin it right.