View Full Version : Afghanistan may get Norwegian tanks

26 Oct 06,, 00:42
Afghanistan may get Norwegian tanks

Afghanistan may receive 110 Leopard tanks which have been mothballed by the Norwegian Defence. The proposal will be considered by the Defence Minister.
The Afghan Army has a great need for equipment, and we are already giving them assistance. We will therefore consider this wish, says Defence Minister Anne-Grete Stroem-Erichsen to the newspaper VG.
The Leopard tanks are presently in storage in Northern Norway.


26 Oct 06,, 03:15
Do they need tanks to fight Taliban, now?? I dont see fortified Taliban strongholds in Afghanistan and even if they have NATO could use their resources.

The last thing we want is Taliban getting hold of these tanks :rolleyes:

27 Oct 06,, 11:28
Tanks are a deterrent and it is better off against IEDs.

They can be used in the Valleys and the villages are not of concrete houses.