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25 Oct 06,, 18:22
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‘US and Afghan troops have quit another area in a deal’

KABUL: Taliban spokesman Dr Muhammad Hanif has claimed that US and Afghan soldiers pulled out of an area in eastern Afghanistan under a deal with tribal elders – the second in a week.

American soldiers and the troops of their puppet government quit Tana in Ali Sher district of the Khost province last night on the mediation of tribal elders, Hanif said.

He said this was a major victory for resistance forces against their aggressors and the latter’s puppets. Hanif said the deal was similar to the one clinched in the Musa Qila district of Helmand province under which British troops pulled out of the district on October 17.

There was no immediate word from US-led allies over the deal. Hanif said that tribal elders would be responsible for the security of Babrak Tana.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai had supported the agreement, which led to the withdrawal of the British troops from Helmand province’s Musa Qila. The British Defence Ministry said the pullout did not represent a setback and that British forces would retain their presence in nearby districts. nni

The news emanates from Pakistan about a deal that the US and it "puppet govt" has cut with tribal.

One is not too sure of the veracity of the fact, but this is obviously aimed to indicate that even the US is cutting deals with the Taleban and so why go ballistics if Pakistan opens up its border for the AQ to operate!

Could someone check the veracity of the report and the true background of the same in case it is true since this is obviously aimed to be a tit for tat for the worldwide astonishment over the deal Musharraf cut with the terrorist in FATA.