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03 Jun 04,, 23:21

its about 1, 000 to 1 in defencive enemies favour!


04 Jun 04,, 01:20
That was part of a national Geographic segment. They had a second part to that. One of those giant hornet scouts was inside a hive. The certain kind of honey bee's it found piled on it, and under the heap the temperature was one degree higher than it could survive.

15 Aug 04,, 17:48
Watched it again after a different Nat Geo segment about these giant hornets. Three giant hornets KIA that I could see.

The other segment was a Nat Geo guy and a Japanese Entomologist throwing on bee keeper suits, and plexiglass visored helmets and approached a giant hornet nest. First thing the two hornets standing guard outside the entrance did was fly at one of them and spray venom all over his visor. Then about fifty more hornets attacked and kept flying straight for and plinking off his visor. They called a retreat right around the time one of those hornets went right for the camera lens.

Asim Aquil
16 Aug 04,, 00:55
grrrrrrr its blocked by my Mullah ISP. Need to see find some proxy server, which would let me through!

16 Aug 04,, 00:57
Mullah's have a problem with Giant Hornets mass murdering honey bees?


16 Aug 04,, 07:46
Those hornets a damn huge, I don't blame the mullahs, they might think the decadent west may use them as biological weapons!

20 Aug 04,, 21:48
that was one of the coolest videos ive ever seen

The Chap
21 Aug 04,, 01:28
Some years go my baby sister, about 8yrs old at the time, was stung by one of these buggers in Singapore. She was lucky to live. Even so, all her hair fell out. No shit. They're mean.