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03 Jun 04,, 11:32
Seeing as how the Vietnamese are so keen have the russkies out of Cam Rahn by 2005 at the very latest, it would be a good idea for the Indian Navy to offer to take over the base...
It will definitely be a step forward in the 'Madagascar to Moluccas' power projection plan.
In the event that the cost is too much, they can offer joint lease with other nations... a good idea would be to form a sort of 'Spratlys Security Treaty Organisation' with say, Vietnam, Phillipines, Brunei and Malaysia.
This will be a credible deterrent to Chinese naval adventurism, and the terms of the Treaty could cover profit-sharing from exploitative ventures in these islands.
Of course, this means that everyone involved will have to get their squabbles sorted pretty quickly...
In case the Indians do get around to CR, I think it would be pointless to base a carrier group there, so far away from repair and refit 'home' ports.
I should think a squadron of FFGs/DDGs with ASW capability, six subs - 2 SSNs - with 2 squadrons of fighter/attack a/c and SIGINT/ELINT/AWACs a/c. Carrier Groups can take 'tours of duty', and allied countries can provide a coupla squadrons of missile boats/patrol craft for base defence along with ASW patrol helos.
All in all, just enough to scare chinese sovremennys/aegis types or to make a future chinese CBG stop and think before moving any futher south or west.