View Full Version : Convicted Bali bomber says he would 'butcher' Australian prime minister

26 May 04,, 02:56
Convicted Bali bomber says he would 'butcher' Australian prime minister

Sat May 22, 1:01 PM ET

SYDNEY, Australia (AP) - In an interview from death row in Indonesia, Bali bomber Mukhlas said he would "butcher" Australian Prime Minister John Howard if he was given the chance.

"If John Howard appears before me, I'll butcher him," Mukhlas, whose real name is Ali Ghufron, said in an interview for TV Nine Network's Sunday current affairs program.

Excerpts of the interview, which was conducted in Indonesian and translated for the program, were released Saturday.

Mukhlas was sentenced to death last year for his role in the Oct. 12, 2002, nightclub bombings on the Indonesian island of Bali that killed 202 people, including 88 Australians.

He said increased security and terror fears in Australia meant terrorists had struck a key blow against the country.

"In Australia why would they want to guard the harbours and the railways?" he said. "This is a curse from God, they be afraid of their own shadow. Just imagine, people are scared of their own shadow. It's the victory for the terrorists."

Australia has spent hundreds of millions of dollars bolstering security at airports, ports and other potential terror targets as well as beefing up counterterror military units and spy agencies since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks in the United States.

But Mukhlas suggested terror attacks would continue against Australians and Americans.

"America and Australia and the rest only understand the language of force, the language of bombs," he said.


26 May 04,, 04:01
"America and Australia and the rest only understand the language of force, the language of bombs," he said.

This coming form a society that rejects reason in favor of mysticism. One that is impossible to reason with.

It is they not us who understand "the language of bombs", it is our enemys.

26 May 04,, 11:02
This guy is just one sick retard ....

why the hell is it taking so long to execute this sick parisite ... ????

26 May 04,, 19:49
Equally, why are people bothering to interview him? The man is on death row with little chance of any repreive. I would be extremely surprised if he passed up a microphone to not spew out some hyperbole about how much killing he would do, his comrades will do, how bad the west is and just exactly how much good his action and those of his comrades have done for God.

Its a self fullfilling prophecy to interview him. Do we really expect remorse?

27 May 04,, 01:36
Equally, why are people bothering to interview him?
Bad news sells.

27 May 04,, 01:39
indeed, but is this really news?

27 May 04,, 01:42
indeed, but is this really news?
Bet it sold papers, that makes it news.

27 May 04,, 02:17
sick, just take him to the death chamber right this second. I hope the Aussies increase VIP security, I remeber a few years ago that some criminals on the run were able to infiltrate the Australian PM's residence and roam around for several hours before being caught. Very similar incidents have occured at Buckingham Palace and the UK Parliment building several times. In the 1980's some guy was able to walk into the Queens bedroom and talk to her for 20 minutes, 20 years later (after 9/11) some guy dressed as Osama walks right into a prince's birthday party after scaling the walls and walking past a cop in a secure area. If he had a gun the whole British Royal Family would be dead. Each time they say "security will be rewiewed" and it happens again and again.

Sorry for the ranting, just had to state some similar incidents to what could happen.