View Full Version : Homemade Trebuchet

24 May 04,, 16:55

Question for Big Ross. Your friend ever finish building his Trebuchet?

If the answers yes, then would it be large enough to throw a scarecrow, mannequin, etc. made to look like bin Laden, Saddam, or just a typical Pali militant or some other form of terrorist? Preferably videotaped as well.

24 May 04,, 21:18
We had a competition back in high school in D&T, were we were asked to design and construct a min-trebuchet that could fire a golf ball with limited resources (wood). My trebuchet won it by several metres, and I think I've still got it boxed somewhere at my parents' home. All this was years before the internet around, so most research came from libraries and books.

I remember how I built it pretty well, and although it was small scale, I'm sure I'd be able to come up with a larger scale version.