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22 Aug 03,, 06:46
Iran ex-envoy held in bomb probe

A former Iranian ambassador to Argentina, wanted there in connection with the 1994 bombing of a Jewish cultural centre, has been arrested in the UK.
The former ambassador, Hadi Soleimanpour, is due to appear in court in London on Friday.

Magistrates will decide whether to extradite him to Argentina to face charges of conspiracy arising from the attack, in which 85 people were killed.

The Argentine intelligence service has long believed Iran was behind the car bomb attack in Buenos Aires - a charge Iran has repeatedly denied.

Mr Soleimanpour was arrested in northern England, where he works as a research assistant at Durham University.

"This is extremely important because it is the first arrest in the international leads in this case, and starting from it we can make progress on how the attack was organised," Marta Nercellas, a lawyer for the Argentine Jewish Associations Federation, told reporters.

The extradition warrant was one of eight issued by an Argentine judge, Juan Jose Galeano, against Iranian citizens last week.

Similar warrants issued in March against four Iranian diplomats caused tension between Buenos Aires and Tehran, and resulted in the recall of the Iranian ambassador.

The community centre that was blown up was the main such centre for Jews in Argentina, which has the largest Jewish population in Latin America.

Last month, Argentine President Nestor Kirchner said the lack of progress in the case was a "national disgrace" and vowed to bring those responsible to justice.


22 Aug 03,, 10:49
Death penalty sounds like the right idea for this guy.

22 Aug 03,, 14:59
Why cant Iran just admit they support terrorism?

23 Aug 03,, 18:51
Right! Good one!

25 Aug 03,, 14:32
Why cant Iran just admit they support terrorism?

dunno, some sort of left over shame? well... it *could* happen

Death penalty sounds like the right idea for this guy.
shame we don't have death penalty here.

on any case, it seems my coutry is analizing cutting diplomatic ties with Iran. wonder how hard the repercusions in iran are going to be if that happen.

25 Aug 03,, 16:15
Well, apparently Iran cut ties with Argentina, so there won't be too many repercusions...

25 Aug 03,, 18:33
well, I am not too sure, but I seem to recall us being Iran main provider of grain and soy bean.

26 Aug 03,, 10:54
Sucks for them, don't it?