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11 May 04,, 00:32
hey guys,

for class we have to write a horror story that is set in the time period of 1816

I want to write a story that ties in politics/history.. im thinking about a RETURN OF THE PROPHET type story where Muslims rise again due to revenge..

anyway, you guys got any great ideas about what to write about, dont have to elaborate big time just general topics, it would be a great help

thanks in advance

11 May 04,, 01:32
Jeeze, just living in 1816 sounds like a horror story to me.

11 May 04,, 15:35
A horror story you say. How about an 1816 shrink's POV while your laying on the couch and telling him all about your insecure fear & unhealthy hatred of every Muslim past & present?

p.s. this thread has also been locked. Suggest private messaging DeltaForce with ideas.