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Officer of Engineers
04 May 04,, 05:01
From what I can recall and this is a mix of everything I've seen and read.

Alot of myths about the PLA were shattered at Tianamen. Unlike the BJ Garrison which was/is basically a tourist trap, what was most obvious was the lack of weapons and dress discipline amongst the troops. Political indoctrination was heavily apparent as the troops kept reciting versus, a scary repeat of the Great Proliteriate Culture Revolution. Don't know if the troops believe what they're screaming but they were screaming at the top of their lungs about the PLA being the PEOPLE's Army.

Indivdiual soldiers when cut off and isolated were lost puppies. Times it took an elder or even someone who act like in authority to get them out of a bad situation.

Weapons discipline (or lack thereof) was shocking. Might as well not have a trigger guard for and safety was 50-50 for on-off.

The PLA seemed pretty good at maintaining up to coy lvl effectiveness. Pltns and coys on the whole knew what they were doing and have no qualms about shooting their own people. Say what you want about the bad situation but it draws respect that soldiers were able and willing to obey orders no matter how distasteful.

Beyond bn lvl, things fall apart big time. When things got really confusing, as people running everywhere and the troops gave chase, you have coys running into each other, not knowing who's where nor even when to stop chasing and just sit down. Alot of problems happen when individual troops got too gung ho and outran their buddies.

There was no such thing as discipline fire. It was spray and pray.

04 May 04,, 16:27
Would the soldiers carry out orders if its a total civil war? an all out assault on their people??

04 May 04,, 23:43
Officer, forgive me but I'm new to this forum. You said you were there at Tianamen Square, but as what?

Officer of Engineers
05 May 04,, 01:14
I was there after the fact and my observations were those based on TV images and the close personal observations of Colonels Allen and Blasko. When I was there, I was a mere tourist and the PLA has reverted back to CG roles, albeit CGs armed with AK47s.


All too easy. When speaking of civil wars, all too easy, even for you and me.