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10 Oct 06,, 10:38
Brown urges terror 'step change'

Chancellor Gordon Brown is to call for a "step change" in efforts to cut off funding to terrorist groups.

He will outline plans that could allow the government to use covert intelligence to freeze suspects' assets for the first time.

In a speech on security issues, he will say that spending on anti-terror policies is a priority.

The address will be seen as a further attempt by Mr Brown to bolster his leadership credentials.

Terror plots

Mr Brown, who is widely tipped as a successor to Tony Blair, is set to outline new powers that will involve controlling terror suspects' access to benefits to ensure they cannot be "misused".

Economic secretary to the Treasury Ed Balls, the chancellor's closest political ally, is also set to brief MPs on the proposals later on Tuesday.

He says the scheme is already working well for the government.

"We have actually acted over this year to freeze 188 different accounts," he told BBC News 24.

"We've frozen around 500,000 in terrorist assets. We've actually played a part in disrupting four different suspected terrorist plots."

Mr Brown will use his speech to emphasise the role of forensic accounting in tackling terror.

He will compare the impact of such investigations to that of finger printing in the late 19th Century and DNA in the late 20th Century.

Troops tax cut

Mr Brown will reiterate his support for the government's policy of extending police powers to detain terror suspects for more than 28 days without charge.

Ministers were defeated over plans to increase the limit to 90 days, outlined in the Terrorism Bill.

The government said this amount of time was needed to carry out complex investigations, but critics argued this would be excessive.

Mr Brown is also likely to make reference to an announcement set to be made later by Defence Secretary Des Browne that troops serving in Afghanistan and Iraq will get a cash bonus to pay off their tax bill.


10 Oct 06,, 18:37
One small step for a man and a huge step for mankind!

10 Oct 06,, 19:20
One small step for a man and a huge step for mankind!
Especially good to hear that Brown has already agreed to give the soldiers a bonus for fighting in Iraq. I believe the US already doesnt make its troops in a combat zone pay tax - and this will be roughly do the same job for our lads... (and lasses)...

'bout time too!

11 Oct 06,, 11:34
Hmmm... well, he was on the radio last night comparing "modern forensic accounting" to Bletchley park, with the implication that Bletchley was less significant. Pardon me while I think he's talking b******s.