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18 Aug 03,, 15:45
What would it be? Ill put mine down later

18 Aug 03,, 18:21
The current IDF, with alot of F-14D's, and a $hitload of US Marines/Rangers.

05 Sep 03,, 16:00
Just my $0.02 but my model army would be tailored to the needs and BUDGET of my country. For example, I wouldnt invest in all sorts of high-technology (and therefore hideously expensive) equipment that I could not afford to support or train my soldiers on. On the other hand, I would invest in a lot of Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) equipment since so much military technology has found it's way to the civilian market, GPS being one of the most obvious examples. In fact there is going to be a show on the History Channel called (i think) From Tactical To Practical or something like that, that will detail just how much military tech has been converted to the civilian market. Anyway, back to "my" army.
Along with investing in COTS equipment, I would go with tried and true weapons systems (again, the type that can be supported by my defense budget). I'm thinking AK-type rifles for the infantry just for that reason. Also, a nice mix of tracked and wheeled vehicles for mechanized forces.
The biggest emphasis would be on creating an army with professional, career NCO's and officers as it's backbone. After all, what good is a bunch of brand new main battle tanks without the men to operate and command them?

05 Sep 03,, 16:14
Plus, you can get AK's cheap from many different sources.

05 Sep 03,, 16:22
My feelings exactly. The whole point of my army would be one of cost-effectiveness and simplicity with the main overriding goal of training as you fight/fight as you train. I think my army's motto would be KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid.
Yeah, it'd be really nice to have a bunch of shiny hi-tech vehicles and weapons systems but to what point?
I would also develop a SPEC OPs community using the Polish GROM as a model. Poland is not exactly a rich country but they've managed to put together (in my opionion) a first-class commando force and they did it without the high-tech toys that the US has. I read a few articles on GROM and noted that they have been in demand quite a bit. There's a reason for that and it's not their gear. (again, in my humble opinion :) ).

Officer of Engineers
06 Sep 03,, 05:33
Having been in pissing contests with the civie leadership, your version of the army ain't practical simply because it may not be what the civies wanted it to be.

Procurement is never as simple as KISS. Economic and political payback is a necessary consideration. Yes, you can buy an AK clone for $75Cdn per rifle at 10,000 copies but you can't get NORINCO to build the plant and employ Canadians at that price. A rule of thumb is that the civies will always want to spend their money on their own people and it's easier to get procurement that way than trying to stem your bleeding ulcers to get best buy.

While the Poles have been able to find a niche for their military, it ain't practical nor desirable for everyone to copy their vision. Namely because alliances have a tendency not to follow through (NATO didn't participate in Iraq). If you want to have an independent foreign policy instead of following the leader, then you've got to have a well rounded military force to enforce your goals.

06 Sep 03,, 08:57
Well put.

06 Sep 03,, 14:16
I wasnt sure of the parameters I had to work in, so I just gave my version of a model army. Yes indeed, reality has this way of intruding on "the perfect model". I suppose I should have clarified from the get-go that this was a "model" or more accurately a "fantasy" army. (Alright, no Fantasy Island jokes! :D )