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26 Apr 04,, 03:20
Aventis accepts sweetened Sanofi bid
Deal to create one of the world's largest drug firms
MSNBC staff and news service reports
Updated: 5:16 p.m. ET April 25, 2004

PARIS - The board of Franco-German drug maker Aventis SA accepted a new takeover offer from Sanofi-Synthelabo SA on Sunday, French authorities said.

Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin hailed the deal, saying that it corresponds with France’s “strategic interests” because it keeps jobs and decision-making of the drug companies in France.

....France’s health minister had earlier given the government’s clearest ever backing for an Aventis-Sanofi tie-up, defying critics who have accused the state of market interference.

“It is important to have a big European group ... the French state wishes a merger between Sanofi and Aventis,” Douste-Blazy, who became health minister last month in a cabinet reshuffle, told France’s Europe 1 radio.


26 Apr 04,, 04:11

This is not in connection with your post.

This is in connection with the title of the thread.

Yesterday, I saw Dateline London on BBC World. Lets also see the good points in France. In the discussion, it came out that while the UK is failing to take action on Islamists in UK who are known to be dangerous but by law you can pin them down, France on the other hand has chucked out a fiery Islamic mullah who was preaching jihad. By law, you could not pin him down; so France just chucked him out and back to Algeria from where he came! :)

26 Apr 04,, 06:53
Ray Sahab,
UK, France, Spain, Italy, Germany all have to take tough stances against mullahs. I think you are talking about that idiot mullah who said its ok to beat cheating women and Koran advocates it.
I cant understand English men, they colonised like most part of the world, and in 50 years they are loosing out to all us brownies now :tongue: in their won turf!
Most of them dont want the govt to reign in their security, they think it'll curtail their "freedom".Whats far more worse is, they cant deport any one back...coz I guess most of them are either illegals/asylum seekers :biggrin:

The Chap
05 Sep 04,, 10:45
For the French:
Paris is delightful
St. Tropez gives the Russians somewhere to holiday
We (the Brits) will always need someone to practice against before a serious scrap with the Bosch. :biggrin: