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06 Oct 06,, 21:56
I have been following the Liberal leadership race for a bit now, this past Liberal super weekend, we got a gage at the real contenders and the pretenders in the Liberal leadership race.

The leaders in this race are Michael Ignatieff with 29.8% of delegates, Bob Rae with 19.8% of delegates, Gerard Kennedy with 16.8% of delegates, and finally Stephen Dion with 16.6% of delegates.

Here is some information on the potentially future leader of the Liberal party and/or Canada.

Michael Ignatieff: Born May 12, 1947 Toronto
MP for Etobicoke—Lakeshore, "He is an author, journalist, documentary film-maker and international scholar who has held positions at Cambridge, Oxford, and Harvard.

Ignatieff was based in the United Kingdom from 1978 to 2000. During this time he was on the faculty at both Cambridge and Oxford Universities and worked as a film-maker and political commentator for the BBC. He lived in the United States from 2000 to 2005 where he was director of Harvard's Carr Center for Human Rights Policy. He returned to Canada in 2005 to take a position at the University of Toronto and enter politics.

Ignatieff was named associate critic for Human Resources and Skills Development in the Official Opposition Shadow Cabinet on February 22, 2006. However, he left this position after announcing on April 7, 2006 that he would stand as one of the Liberal Party of Canada leadership candidates."

Bob Rae: born August 2, 1948, in Ottawa. "Rae, a former member of the New Democratic Party (NDP), was the 21st Premier of Ontario from October 1, 1990, to June 28, 1995, and the only leader of the Ontario New Democratic Party to serve in that capacity." -Wickipedia

On a side note: Bob Rae is famous for nearly dystroying Ontario as the premier. Bob Rae is a true to the bone pinko socialist, no matter what political banner he may be waving. While premier, Ontario was going through its worse recession since the great depression, and Rae tried to spend ontario's way out of it, by spending feverously in the public sector to try and stimulate employment and productivity..however it failed. Industry was being crushed under the weight of high taxes, and the rich became poor, the middle-class became poorer, and the poor...well they just stayed poor. By the time the NDP were voted out of power, Ontario was facing a wopping deficit of 17billion dollars.

As a conservative, i secretly hope that Bob Rae wins the leadership, no one in there right mind in Ontario would vote for the guy, and he isnt from Quebec so i dont think that the majority of Quebecers would vote for him, so i think that a Harper majority would be in the works if Rae wins the top spot. Either that..or Canadians will learn the hard way why the right is....right!

Gerard Kennedy: Born 1960 in The Pas, Manitoba. "Formerly, he was a provincial politician who represented the riding of Parkdale—High Park in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario from 1996 to 2006 as a Member of Provincial Parliament for the Ontario Liberal Party, serving most recently as the province's Minister of Education.. under the McGuinty government, when he resigned to run for the Leadership of the party."

Stephen Dion: Born September 28, 1955 in Quebec City. served as a Minister to both Jean Chrétien and Paul Martin, of the candidates, stephen is by far the veteran in federal politics.

However, I watched a debate between Rae, Ignatieff, and Dion. I was unimpressed at Dions english, during a segment about the mission in afghanistan, Dion went on a tyrade, and his English was terrible stumbling a few times. We always here how important it is for a PM of this country to be fluent in French, but this is a two way road, you also have to be fluent in English.

Of the Leader hopefuls, if i was a Liberal. I would be swinging towards Ignatieff, he supports the mission in afghanistan, he supported the invasion of Iraq, and he seems like a dependably solid leader. The only problem i have with him, is that he spent 27 years outside of the country. You cannot lead this country when up untill 2005 you were not even apart of Canadian politics! And I think that would be reflected in a Federal election with his face on the the Liberal party.

06 Oct 06,, 22:18
I still remember those dark "Rae days" in the early 90's, living in southern Ontario at the time which is the Industrial heartland of Ontario and the Country, both my parents lost there jobs, things were real tight. We lived in a rather large house, and we went through about 3 families who would rent the downstairs of our place, my parents nearly sold the house to move to something smaller. I still remember asking if we were poor, they just looked at me and said no were just not as well off anymore. But it seemed like everyone i knew was going through the same thing as us.

Of course back then i had no clue what was going on, but now i do. And i will never vote for NDP in my life, as long as i live, i dont care what banner they may fly, once NDP always NDP.

06 Oct 06,, 22:28
My girlfriend is a delegate for Kennedy, he seems like a good guy, but I too would support Ignatieff if I wanted the Liberals to win.