View Full Version : India's Biggest Problem -- Inept Leaders (Gaurang Bhatt)

06 Oct 06,, 06:43
Some persons may not like my harping on the failures of Indian leadership, but my article on failed policies has become presciently true. I criticized the delay in testing Agni 3 while waiting for US permission, the self-imposed moratorium on nuclear weapon testing that the US made into a condition for the treaty by shifting goal posts, the failure of the Arjuna MBT, the delays of the LCA and the foolishness of buying major arms from America. Let me review the latest developments and give you my new prescription.


India’s problem is the lack of significant uranium ore, limited capability for enriching it and lack of expertise in constructing greater than 1000MW nuclear power plants. It wanted to get a supply of HEU under IAEA and NSG safeguards for use in civilian nuclear power plants. It was downright foolish of ignorant and politically naive Manmohan Singh to sign an agreement with America and Bush without understanding anything. US presidents may sign treaties but they do not become effective until ratified by the Senate. There is an existent US law passed by both the House and Senate, the bodies of the legislative branch (which alone is permitted to make US laws–not the president) which prohibit the sale of nuclear material to any nation that is not a signatory to the NPT.

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