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17 Aug 03,, 01:00
Does anybody know or know where i can find info on rank insignia for the following nations:

Monaco Prince's Corps of Carbineers
Monaco Police (Surete Publique)
Andorran Police Service
San Marino Gendarmerie
San Marino Polizia Civil
San Marino Fortress Guards
San Marino Uniformed Militia
San Marino Council Guard
Dominica Police Force
Antigua & Barbuda Defense Force
Royal Bahamas Defense Force
Royal Bahamas Police Force
Royal Barbados Defense Force
Royal Barbados Police
Royal St. Lucia Police Force
Royal St. Vincent & Grenadines Police Force
Bermuda Police Service
Royal Gibraltar Police
Irish Police (Garda)

17 Aug 03,, 02:31
Try Google, Alta Vista, Ask Jeeves, or Dogpile.