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17 Apr 04,, 02:09
Can anyone tell me how many aircraft, tanks, etc are in Mothball that could be called up in the event of a major war?

17 Apr 04,, 04:35
A hell of alot. Unfortunately they would require renovation, which would be quite spendy.

19 Apr 04,, 07:33
For some of them, they could be in service in a matter of weeks(aircraft), or several weeks(ships).

For others, it's many months(aircraft), or a year or more(ships).

Going strictly by memory:

AMARC has something like 20,000 US jets in desert 'storage', the USN has about 500 decommed ships that could theoreticly be recommisioned.

In a month AMARC could ready about 2000 aircraft for combat, the USN would need about 6 months to ready 100 or so.

You can probably search the AMARC site for more details... http://www.dm.af.mil/AMARC/index.html

Hope this helps.

19 Apr 04,, 21:45
Would it be possible to recommission ships serving as "floating museums" such as the USS Intripid or the USS Barry?

23 Apr 04,, 14:40
Sure, it's possible. It would take years and a whole lot of $, but anything is possilble.