View Full Version : Terrorists' chemical weapons

13 Apr 04,, 01:21
This is scary:



23 Apr 04,, 18:50
couldn't read the FT one, not a subscriber.

The abc news is, i think, largely bunk. The chemical they were planning on using is, by all accounts, incredibly difficult to get hold of and only a nasty blighter in high concentrations. It should be noted, the group arrested had not acquired any of the substance.

But it makes a good story, surprised the headline wasn't "burn them, burn them"

I am getting concerned at what is now starting. Some 600 people have been arrested since 2002 in the UK, but only a small number have ever been charged and only two convicted.

We need more publicity on the trials of these people, and a dissection of the incriminating evidence, otherwise soon people will be getting arrested if they are found to have a mouldy cheese sandwich in their fridge.