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08 Apr 04,, 14:22
In the past, most immigrants who came to America assilimated into our culture, learned English, got jobs and helped build our country. Today however, many immigrants are not learning English, becoming citizens, standing on street corners hooting at young ladies, etc. This is why we have to know both English and Spanish in certin areas. If this "invasion" is not stopped, more then half of the US population will be either Hispanic or Muslim by 2020. We have 4 million illegal immigrants "invading" our country per year ... and with them come terrorists. A few weeks ago, I read a newspaper article about how the drug cartels in Mexico were offering to sneak members of Al Qaeda and other Islamic terrorist groups over the border for $12,000 a person, and the article also said a few got over the border. This "invasion" leads to crime in high-immigrant areas, they dont pay taxes, have car insurance and misuse the justice system; ex. if a white guy punches a hispanic guy, its an automatic hate crime, but if a hispanic guy punches a white guy, they never even investigate the posibility of a hate crime, while yes, some crimes are hate crimes, not every white person who hits, shoots, stabs, etc a hispanic person is a racist. Because they are usually poor, many of these Hispanics flood our healthcare system (they also get free healthcare), causing our medical bills to rise. The US taxpayer has to pay the expenses of uncontrolled immigration. We have Muslims flooding our country and converting left and right, building Mosques and meeting centers, this will encourage Al Qaeda to set up cells and Peter King (my local congressman) says that 80% of Muslim Inams in the US support terrorism. However, this is not the tip of the iceberg. Since 1999, there have been 115 incidents in which members of the Mexican military or police have intentionally crossed the border into the US for 5 miles or more. On many of these border crossings, they have opened fire upon US Border Patrol and local law enforcement officers, in one incident outside Ajo, Arizona in 2002 a fully marked US Border Patrol truck had its back window shattered in a hail of gunfire from Mexican soldiers, this was 10 miles inside the US. Just a month ago, Mexican soldiers opened fire on a Bigsbee, Arizona police car from the Mexican side of the border and pinned down over 20 law enforcement officers and a squad of US Marines who were sent to their aid. In 1999, we caught a Mexican Army major (in uniform) with a squad of troops a few miles southwest of San Diego, on his person we found plans that described how Mexican soldiers were to help drug dealers by shooting at US law enforcement vehicles, we let them go, we should have executed them. We need to stop this invasion NOW or else we might as well turn over certin parts of our country to Mexico or Cuba. The media (except FOX News) rarely reports this. Let me know if you need any links, I got plenty.

08 Apr 04,, 16:06
It is not an Invasion for god's sake, let them come. They are some of the hardest working workers in the world. There are less of them per 100,000 people on welfare then there are whites!

Even if they give half their money back to family in mexico, they still have to spend thousands of dollars to pay for housing, food, and everything else they buy. Therefore they help everyone, and this is not a moral precondition of allowing them to stay.

We should put up better gaurd posts and make sure only the good guys get through, but we should let them come.

08 Apr 04,, 16:45
Heard quite a bit of this on Arfcom, and a few other places.

The Mexican Army helps drug runners (known as Coyotes) get across the border with thier drugs. Shoot at American civilians and Government Employees. Military, Law Enforcement, ect.

And like team AR15 mentioned. Security needs to be a lot tighter than a partial chain link fence, and outgunned Park Rangers along the border. Security should be at least as tight for our own country, as it is in Iraq.

Surely a lot of people will be happy to hear about a handfull of Spec Ops and/or Mercs repelling a wave of Coyotes trying to get drugs across the border, like those Blackwater Employees did to a swarm of Militants in Iraq.

08 Apr 04,, 16:47
Why don't we just FORCE Mexico to extradite them.

08 Apr 04,, 17:32
I should have added this to my first post, yes people do have a right to come here to make a better life for themselves. I (like all of the Americans on this board) come from an immigrant family. I hear the Border Patrol is even worse off then the Park Rangers, they dont even have acess to M16's and shotguns like the Park Rangers do, they just have the 9mm Baretta 92. I also think Park Rangers have faster backup then the Border Patrol. I honestly feel we should put the military on the border in suport of the USBP, Customs, Park Rangers, and local law enforcement in the border area, but I think its against the Constitution to have the military do civilian police work so it probably wont happen. Praxus, out of curiosity, does the area where you live have alot of immigrants from Hispanic nations?

08 Apr 04,, 18:18
Praxus, out of curiosity, does the area where you live have alot of immigrants from Hispanic nations?

13.3% of New Jersians(LOL) are Hispanic, not even half of what is in Texas, New Mexico, and California, but never the less higher then the nationwide average.

08 Apr 04,, 19:03
They're Puerto Ricans Praxus....already American citizens.

Not the same as Mexicans that can't even read or speak english.

10 Apr 04,, 03:20
I don't like illegals, but the legals are fine.

10 Apr 04,, 03:24
Immigration is unstoppable...you try to stop it, you'll get more illegals.

I read this Pakistani guy's story in BBC...its so sad!! :doh!

But if some one blindly says stop immigration, I'm against it, coz I'm one myself!



And please dont brand all muslims as terrorists, though i'm not a muslim, i have a plenty of muslim friends and trust me they are not as bad as FOX portrays.

10 Apr 04,, 03:54
Originally posted by Jay
I read this Pakistani guy's story in BBC...its so sad!!
Sad? He made it out.

Originally posted by Jay
And please dont brand all muslims as terrorists, though i'm not a muslim, i have a plenty of muslim friends and trust me they are not as bad
I don't care what religon a person is, as long as they aren't butt-heads. :)

11 Apr 04,, 01:23
Assuming this is a general immigration question, i'll jump in, if not (i.e. this is purely about US immigration), let me know and i will amuse myself elsewhere.

I assume here we are talking about economic migrants (as opposed to those fleeing oppression). Those fleeing oppression should be welcomed with open arms, but they should be encouraged to blend into the country (and pursue their own customs) rather than expect the host nation to adapt to the immigrants.

Economic migrants are trickier, because the streets are not paved with gold int he wealthier countries, it all has to be worked for, and by simply upping sticks and heading to another country because it is easier to be wealthier, their home lands will never improve with that attitude. I would also suspect that it is the economic migrants who are the root cause of most of the migrant related issues Chris mentioned, rather than those who really fear being deported.

I wasn't aware of the behaviour of Mexican troops with respect ot the US. It is difficult to see that as anything other than an act of war (an armed invasion).

11 Apr 04,, 02:51
Nope Trooth, this is a public forum, anyone can post anywhere. The UK has some problems with immigrants, wasent there a riot between 2 different groups of immigrants in England a few years ago? The INS has said that what Mexico does is an act of war, I think we shoudl go and teach them a lesson for the 4th time (we already did 1836, 1846 - 48 and 1916, apparently they dont get the hint). Sadly, most of what goes on along the Mexican Border is covered up, although FOX News does some reporting on it from time to time.

11 Apr 04,, 03:13
You mean the racial riots between right wing white british and pakistani immigrants in Bradford...err bradistan??

11 Apr 04,, 15:17
Originally posted by Jay
You mean the racial riots between right wing white british and pakistani immigrants in Bradford...err bradistan??
yup, thats what I ment

11 Apr 04,, 15:44
Are you sure thats what you meant? The riots a couple of years ago in Oldham where between different Asian groups. The only white people involved in that one where the Police dodging the stones.

My view on immigration i that it is often used as an excuse by people to justify their own failings. The classic might be "they are taking our jobs". Amusingly this might be a reference to a Pakistani doctor and is yelled by a Skinhead with no skills. The same skinhead who then goes out with his mates and has a curry, and on the way home goes into the all night **** shop for some fags. The "****'s" might be some sort of immigrant scum but of course they do open much longer hours than their "english" compatriots

Other accusations levelled at immigrants is that they form their own little cliques and refuse to integrate into the local community. Interestingly when they do try to integrate, the same skinheads beat them up.
But like most things, this is the extremist viewpoint. People who don't really have an outlet for their desire to exert power and influence. When you get down to the really important stuff (figuring out how to muddle through your 70/80 or so years of life and give your kids a good start) you find that, ultimately people are all the same.

11 Apr 04,, 18:20
I was reffering to Oldham, he was reffering to Bradford, I mix the two up.

02 May 04,, 08:55
For all of us at some point our ancestors have immigrated somewhere, so we can't say its wrong when either us or our forefathers benefited from it